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What Makes Slack-Key Guitar Festival In Hawaii So Special

If you like hearing the soothing sounds of guitar and gentle voices singing about nature, the ocean and past of this magnificent island, you should pay a visit to this festival. Hawaii is known for the ukulele as it is the most widely recognized instrument here but, they consider the slack key guitar to be their native instrument. With that in minds, they dedicated this whole festival to it and the artists who play it. So, this festival is a unique opportunity to not only see this beautiful and breathtaking country but, to hear their award winning artists giving their best and leaving their hearts on the stage.

FestivalThere is a popular story that this type of guitar was not invented in Hawaii but it was brought there by the European sailors. They taught the locals how to work on farms. The locals needed something to relax after a hard days work and they started playing the guitars. The sound of this guitar was very different from the normal one and that was interesting to the island cowboys. Since vocals are traditionally the main instrument in Hawaii music, they decided to implement the guitar with it.

The festival offers their genuine Made in Hawaii products

If you decide to pay a visit to this festival, you will have an experience that happens once in a life time.

You will be able to witness the outstanding skills of the local legends who literally invented single finger picking guitar playing style. This festival also offers a lot of different opportunities. You can become a vendor, a volunteer, an organizer or the performer. they have various workshops all over the festival where you can learn all about Hawaii and their people.

Guitar-FestivalThere are three most popular events. The first one is Mele Mei. It is a one of a kind tribute to the Hawaiian culture, language, and music and it is a part of the great, traveling slack key guitar festival. This event is full of workshops and luncheons as well as the performances across the state. The festival moves all across the most beautiful Hawaiian islands who are just breathtakingly enchanting and mesmerizing. In addition to all these festivities and traveling, the visitors will be able to see as many shows as they can take.

It is more than well organized festival. Almost all guitar and ukulele players will be gathered here. Everything on this festival is dedicated to the slack key guitar. The remarkable landscapes and stunningly beautiful islands paired with such events, nice and warm people whose hospitality is legendary in the world will simply leave you speechless. Pay it a visit and enjoy like never before because this is a one in a life time opportunity to see something that you have only dreamed of. This amazing festival is the proof that life can be more than good, it can be wonderful. Maybe you will even learn how to play.